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   The albums listed below are available on: Amazon, Anghami, Apple Music, MediaNet, Deezer, Instagram/Facebook, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, iTunes, KKBox, NetEase (beta), Pandora, Saavn, Spotify, Tencent (beta), TikTok/Resso, Triller (beta), Soundtrack by Twitch and other sites. Pleas feel free to stream and listen anytime you want for free from my site.

2022 Release DRIVE

   This is more songs I wrote during the lockdown in 2020 from COVID.  Thank you to Cory Sillaots for playing the drums on the whole album. Also Thomas for Mastering the album.

2021 Release COSMIC VOYAGE

   This album came out of being in lockdown in 2020 from COVID. I had a chance to work with others over the internet. I am happy with what creatively came out. Thank you to Nathan Truax on drums and Sheldon D'Costa on bass on track 1. Also thank you to Cory Sillaots drumming on "Somethings Coming" and "I Just Wanted To Say Goodbye".

2009 electronic instrumental EP

   This was a electronic instrumental EP I produced in 2009.  I wrote and recorded it and on my Mac just using software instruments in Garage Band.  I had fun and thought I would share it with you.

2004 Release Doorways to other worlds.

   This was my very first solo instrumental EP. I released it in 2004. I wrote, recorded it and produced it. I had to of my very close friends Jeff Lewis and Sheldon D'Costa perform on some of the tracks. Jeff added solos on some tracks and Sheldon played bass on some tracks.

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